Gamiz- Gamification UI Kit

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Introducing the ultimate Gamification UI Kit for Figma, designed to elevate your product and enhance user engagement. This comprehensive kit is perfect for game developers, startups, and businesses looking to gamify their existing product.

The UI kit features a wide range of pre-designed elements, including game-like icons, badges, progress bars, leaderboards, and much more. With this kit, you can quickly and easily create gamified experiences that keep users engaged and coming back for more.

Gamiz is suitable for-

• Loyalty Program Integration

• Gamification existing app or website

• Bring a fresh and playfulness on existing app

• Trivia App

• Quiz App

• Leaderboard Integration

• Revamp current static app or website


• Beautifully crafted glassmorphic icons, multicolor icons, and more

• Lot of product card, banners and popups

• Trivia features, tier badges and lot more

• Anything need for a product gamification


• 64+ buttons

• 7 bottom navigation style

• 180+ customized icon added

• 19+ banner styles

• 26 product card

• 18 pricing plan cards

• 7 popup style

• 20+ spin and win wheel

• 11 leaderboard style

• 6 graphs and statistics

• 40+ tier badges

• A bunch of UI elements

Note: Previews are included

Font: Kanit (Google Font)

Thank you for viewing my product. Hope you will use this kit to transform your product into gamified one.

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Gamiz- Gamification UI Kit

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